Dual Port Micro USB Flash Storage Memory Drive

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Micro USB drive is the smallest USB Flash Drive available with size under 3/4 inch long it is easy to carry in a pocket or use with laptops and smaller portable device. It has Dual ports one one side is USB (standard port found on computers), and another side is Micro USB port found on Android Devices, MP3 Players, Tablets, etc. The drive is available with multiple storage capacities in 8,16,32 and 64 GB.  Fast transfer and store.   A great gift for any student and perfect for any used store 1000's of your pictures and albums in one single drive.  Use for Music, Video and important document storage make several copies and store it in a safe place with this micro drive it is easy to store and easy to use.Compatible with  Windows 7 and above and Mac iOS 6 and above or any Android computer or Linux based computer as well.Also compatible with any micro USB port like Samsung Phones, Tablets which are Android based.Backup your Smart Phone and Tablets easily with this Dual Port USB drive.** Each Drive includes the memory size you select. you select.

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