26 Quart Side Press Wringer Commercial Mop Bucket

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This brand new cleaning wringer trolley gives you a quality experience! What kind material we use is premium and environmental protection. It's also lasting for long use.

The handle is longer so it's save more labor when it works. A small bucket with a high-efficiency side press mop wringer speeds up your mopping time. Environmental protection is being advocated all over the world our mop bucket can save water because of small capacity and stable structure. The ingenious design of this bucket with its handle and arc makes it easy for you to pour water. This is a mop bucket that doesn't need warning sign for the warning is already printed on the body. It's a good companion for house.

If you are looking for a cleaning wringer trolley like this don't hesitate to buy it!

  • Rubber swivel wheels don't damage the ground and easy to move
  • The handle on the mop bucket has preventive slippery function
  • The arc design on the bucket is convenient for pouring water
  • The handle is long so that takes less effort when you use it
  • It reduces the use of water because of the small capacity
  • Mop-handle clip-on holder keeps mop upright in bucket when moving
  • Bright yellow color for easy visibility and added safety
  • It doesn't spill water when it moving or working
  • The water bucket has a handle for lifting easily
  • It can be used in Household Commercial place
  • It makes very little noise when it works
  • It has warning signs by itself

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