700 W Portable Mini Electric Oil Filled Radiator Heater

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Measurement: 16.93" x 5.31" x 5.31"

This electric oil-filled radiator can heat any room of the house with powerful performance and provides warmth during cold times.

This heater is adjustable in different temperature according to your needs. Equipped with permanently sealed oil this radiator heats your room highly efficiently. The built-in carry handle is convenient for moving between rooms and its compact shape is ideal for storage. It is quiet and will never bother you when you fall asleep or focus on your work.I t is well known that heater is an incredible helper for cold resistance in winter and this unique designed heater will help you go through this hard time easily.

If you are looking such product don't hesitate to buy it!

  • With mechanical control you can adjust temperature to meet your different needs
  • Portable design with built-in handle offers convenience for moving
  • You can set a constant temperature when you feel comfortable at that time
  • Over heating protection system guarantees you and your family safety
  • Power indicator light reminds you that the heater is still turned on
  • Silent operation ensures it won't bother you from sleeping or working

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